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New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association New York State Emergency Management Association
President Niedermaier presents a program on Situational Awareness to emergency managers
DHSES Senior Policy Advisor Terry Hastings, DHSES Commissioner John Melville and NYS OEM Director Kevin Wisely address emergency managers
Attendance for the conference was up 20 percent
Thank you to our vendors who support our event
Thank you to our vendors who support our event
Thank you to our vendors who support our eventS
Thank you to our vendors who support our event
President Niedermaier, NWS Buffalo WCM Judy Levan and Erie County Emergency Services Commissioner Daniel Neaverth, Jr.
President Niedermaier presents NWS Buffalo WCM Judy Levan a plaque for herself and the NWS Buffalo Office for their excellent service and forecasts during the Western NY Lake Effect Storm in November
President Niedermaier addresses the membership
Frank Patterson, Emergency Operations Coordinator for McLennan County Office of Emergency Management presents on the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion
Al Cardillo of the NYS Home Care Association presents on home care emergency preparedness

2015 Vendors

We thank you for your support of our Winter Conference!

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Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG)


Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) is a privately owned company located in Western New York. It supplies a variety of emergency management and training products and solutions both globally and locally. As the developer of DisasterLAN™, the State of New York’s incident management system and the NY-Alert mass notification system, BCG prides itself on its high level of customer service and support. As an engineering design firm, BCG can provide a high level of system integration and customization for its incident management system to fit the EOC needs of any organization. BCG has five primary business areas –Incident Management, Mass Notification, GIS, Maritime Training Systems, and Custom Software & Hardware Engineering.

Nancy Kensy -
3741 Lake Shore Road Blasdell, NY 14219 (716) 822-8668

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions


Designs, manufactures, markets and services market-changing icons of personal technology — transforming the device formerly known as the cell phone into an integral part of daily communication, data access and management, and mobile entertainment. Mobile Devices' portfolio of market-leading innovations — "must have" designs that deliver "must do" experiences such as mobile music and mobile video — encompasses all cellular and wireless systems and includes an array of software, applications and the industry's leading portfolio of Bluetooth®-enabled accessory products. A leading provider of end-to-end infrastructure, integrated voice and data communications, and information solutions, Networks & Enterprise delivers mission critical secure two-way radio, cellular and wireless broadband systems to meet the needs of public safety, government, private, service provider and enterprise customers worldwide. Networks & Enterprise is advancing seamless mobility with innovative technology solutions and a services business that helps our customers integrate, optimize and manage their networks to keep people connected as they move about their daily lives.



430 Lawrence Bell Drive
Buffalo, NY 14221-7085
(716) 631-9200

LINSTAR is a systems integrator specializing in ICS, access control, video surveillance and positive ID. LINSTAR is the leading provider of portable credentialing and accountability solutions for emergency response organizations across New York State. NY State depends on LINSTAR for identification and interagency interoperability at emergency scenes ‐ including FIPS 201, FRAC and NIMS compliant accountability tags and the hardware and software to read them! Systems used for incident management, patient and evacuee tracking, asset and clinic management are some of the many EMO solutions available from LINSTAR. LINSTAR also is a NYS Certified WBE and all LINSTAR solutions are available on NYS Contract.

The NYS Family Assistance Commission (FAC)

The NYS Family Assistance Commission

The NYS Family Assistance Commission (FAC) is comprised of trained, licensed funeral directors from across the state who stand ready to assist New York State's local governments should a mass fatality disaster occur within their borders. In the event of such a disaster, FAC members would use their skills to interview survivors and next-of-kin and to help them deal with the tragedy of losing a loved one.

NYS Funeral Directors Association
426 New Karner Rd. Albany, NY 12205
1.800.291.2629 | 518.452.8230 | 518.452.8667



IMPACT creates actionable knowledge by building innovative tools and technologies to help protect public and private safety workers and first responders to make those they serve secure. IMPACT’s product line consists of records management, interagency data sharing, mobile and wireless technologies, computer-aided dispatch, GIS applications, and investigative forensic tools. IMPACT is based at the Morrelly Homeland Security Center in Bethpage, N.Y. and also has offices in Farmingdale, N.Y. and Charlotte N.C. For more information please visit

Microwave Networks

Microwave Networks Incorporated

Vicky Youtz | Northeast Sales Director | Microwave Networks Inc. | Tel. + 978.906.1607 |

Microwave Networks Incorporated is a trusted global provider of wireless infrastructure and last-mile transmission solutions. We design, manufacture, install, and service licensed and unlicensed, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave systems. We offer full backhaul wireless and complete turnkey solutions for public safety, mobile carriers, private communication networks, and next generation IP and LTE/4 G networks.

A US corporation, Microwave Networks is headquartered in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area with global sales services and support locations.

Microwave Networks has over 40 years of experience in providing microwave solutions as part of notable industry pioneers such as Motorola Microwave, Avantek, TeleSciences, M/A Com, and California Microwave. We have shipped over 300,000 terminals in over 50 countries. Our tradition of trusted performance and reliability established through cooperation with strategic partners such as Motorola, Tait Communications, and others have resulted in successful deployments to come of the most complex and sensitive networks in North America and around the globe.



We offer an integrated suite of solutions that supports public health and emergency management for federal, state and local government agencies, as well as business enterprise, military, and international customers. Our seasoned emergency experts believe in building solutions that support our clients' everyday needs to prepare them for times of disaster. Our technology-enabled solutions support planning, communication, command, and control that public health agencies and emergency management officials use to manage assets, facilities, personnel, and vehicles.

SwiftReach Networks

SwiftReach Networks

The key to any successful emergency notification campaign begins and ends with the type of network used to deliver the message. With this in mind, SwiftReach has invested in and built a network dedicated exclusively to the delivery of emergency messages. This means there are no marketing messages or political “robocalls” which lead to network degradation, delays and failures. This unique network-centric approach offers SwiftReach customers the benefits of the highest success rates in the industry.

  • The SwiftReach NDN is a network comprised of a physical layer of telecommunications switches purpose-built for and dedicated exclusively to emergency notifications.
  • SwiftReach is licensed by the FCC as a carrier-class network provider used to carry critical voice and data messages.
  • The NDN is interconnected to more than 20 carriers for delivering voice messages with unparalleled speed and reliability.
  • The NDN uses an SMS (Short Message Service) short code which is approved by all major wireless providers for the purpose of delivering text messages on a mass-scale.
  • The NDN uses a proprietary routing algorithm to deliver critical messages in a way which eliminates congestion, failures and delay.
  • The SwiftReach NDN is engineered using a mesh configuration providing a redundant and load-balanced environment across 4 Data Centers located in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Miami.

PMC Associates

PMC Associates

PMC Associates is a family owned and operated Wireless Two-Way Communications integrator specializing in Mission-Critical Radio Solutions. Founded in 1988 by Phil Casciano, PMC Associates has always believed that providing cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions and unparalleled customer service are the keys to helping our customers accomplish their communications objectives. We have maintained these core values as we have grown and we continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing superior solutions--enabling them to complete their projects on-time, and within budget.

Located in Hazlet NJ, PMC is currently the largest Vertex Standard two-way radio reseller in the United States. We have personnel located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and DC/Virginia. We currently provide radio solutions to some of the largest and most demanding public safety agencies on the East Coast. PMC has established long-term partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers such as Raytheon, Bosch/Telex, and Fujitsu to provide top-tier solutions to our customers.

PMC’s capabilities range from two-way portable and two-way mobile radio sales to wide-area radio system design and implementation. We are experts in analog and digital technologies, including P25 Phase I and beyond.  Our radio lab is stocked with state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment and can handle all current and foreseeable future radio technologies. Have questions about Narrowbanding? Trunking? Going Digital? We can help.

We have the utmost respect and appreciation for the Public Safety community, so to First Responders everywhere: THANK YOU for your service and we look forward to supporting your mission!

Asher Solutions

Asher Solutions

Begun in 1995, Asher's growth has steadily increased from a one person solutions firm originally known as Sam Asher Computing Services, Inc., into a well-respected computer systems integrator offering a complete range of business and IT services. Our services focus on two areas that work together to provide our clients with totally integrated solutions for their IT and customer service needs. These areas include:

Asher Solutions, offering complete e-business planning and custom systems development.
Asher IVR (Interactive Voice Response), offering custom IVR telephony systems that communicate interactively with customers, databases, and any remote audience via a variety of interface options including call centers, web, call-in and networked interfaces.

Asher is headquartered in Rochester, New York and focuses on assisting companies with their customer communication channels - helping them to provide added business value by enabling them to present "one face to the customer".

AshBritt Environmental

AshBritt Environmental

AshBritt Environmental is a Florida-based, international rapid-response disaster recovery and special environmental services contractor. Since our inception in 1992, we have managed and executed more than two hundred and seventeen (217) disaster projects and multiple special environmental projects, successfully serving more than 500 clients. We have been directly involved in the debris recovery efforts of forty-five (45) federally declared major disasters in eighteen (18) states, beginning with Hurricane Andrew. Each of these recoveries was conducted under the authority and oversight of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), positioning us as one of the foremost experts in federally funded and monitored disaster-debris recovery missions.

Our ultimate success has always been underpinned by our commitment to caring management, direct communication, ethical business practices, and to unmatched quality control—values all leading to total client satisfaction (and, most importantly, grateful residents).

EFJohnson Technologies


EFJohnson knows a smarter way to P25, and we are eager to share it with you. As your one-stop resource for P25, our new leadership team is completely focused on delivering the highest-quality, cost-effective mission critical communications solutions.

Corporate Profile

  • Corporate headquarters are in Irving, TX
  • Satellite offices in Waseca, MN and Lincoln, NE
  • Approximately 200 employees

Strategic Vision & Direction
In 2014, EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. was acquired by JVCKENWOOD Corporation, a global manufacturer specializing in electronics and entertainment products. The acquisition was integral to JVCKENWOOD’s overall strategic initiative to increase its focus on professional communications, especially the U.S. public safety market. EFJohnson continues to operate as its own company, with the backing of a large-scale communications-focused parent. EFJohnson leads the overall corporate P25 initiatives, leveraging its P25 expertise and focus on mission critical quality products.
EFJohnson under the leadership of Jim Green, appointed as the company’s president and CEO in 2014, continues to focus on innovating, developing, and manufacturing the highest quality mission critical communications solutions while delivering outstanding customer service and support.

  • First responders in public safety and public service
  • Federal government
  • State and local government
  • Military

John Jay College of Criminal Justice


John Jay College of Criminal Justice was born in the mid-1950s. The catalyst for the school came from growing concerns on the part of civic leaders and the New York City Police Department over increased complexity of police work in the administration and operation of the department, and the ongoing relations between police and the community.

In response, a Police Science Program was established in 1954 at the then Baruch School of Business and Public Administration of City College. This program emphasized a strong liberal arts curriculum as the basis of a sound police education. Over the next decade, the program grew substantially, attracting large numbers of students.

In 1964, a committee convened by the Board of Higher Education recommended the establishment of an independent, degree-granting school of police science. The College of Police Science (COPS) of the City University of New York was subsequently founded and admitted its first class in September 1965. Within a year, the school was renamed John Jay College of Criminal Justice to reflect broader education objectives in criminal justice, development of leadership and emphasis on professional achievement in public service.

The school's namesake, John Jay, was the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and one of the founding fathers of the United States. Jay was a native of New York City and served as governor of New York State.

Today, John Jay is one of the nation’s premier criminal justice and liberal arts institutions. The college brings together Pulitzer Prize-winning faculty and undergraduate/graduate students in diverse liberal arts disciplines to engage with issues of justice and diversity.

I am Responding

Free iOS (Apple) and Android™ apps, with dispatches via text and push notification, Google MapsTM, routing to the scene, hydrant/water source mapping, and 30+ map marker icons are all included!


Activate your FREE 2-MONTH TRIAL today!
Call 315-701-1372, or email us here.

dispatches, where they are responding, and when they will be responding. This saves critical time, and reduces response times, for fire departments, EMS agencies, SAR and technical rescue teams, and any other incident response teams when responding to emergencies. IamResponding is 100% web-based - there is no software to download or configure!

LAURUS Systems, Inc.

Laurus Systems

LAURUS Systems, Inc., located in Ellicott City, Maryland, is a private, woman-owned small business concern. LAURUS Systems has been In business since June of 2001 providing sales and service of high quality radiation detection and protection systems and instruments, Chemical Detection, GC/MS systems and Bomb, Bio Threat and Bio Terrorism detection systems.

We offer a significant range of services that include instrument maintenance, radiation instrument calibration, radiation instrument and radiation awareness training and consulting.  LAURUS boasts an expansive customer base in the U.S. and abroad including federal, state and local agencies, military installations, national labs, hospitals and commercial manufacturing and processing entities. 

Our mission is to serve the needs of the customer. We are a solutions oriented provider. Unlike the manufacturer's we can offer a choice and assist the customer in choosing the right tool for the job by offering several products from different manufacturers, building custom kits and supplying the best instrumentation for the application.
LAURUS pledges to meet the needs of the customer and takes an innovative approach to this business model by representing only those manufacturers that meet or exceed the following benchmarks:

Emergency response
Safety and OSHA Compliance
Building and Equipment Maintenance
Cataloging-Fixed Assets-Insurance
Can be used in conjunction with the SW Technologies GEDDS/ACS/VSDS-Software

National Disaster Recovery Technical Assistance Consultants

National Disaster Recovery Technical Assistance Consultants

National Disaster Recovery Technical Assistance Consultants is incorporated with recognizing the need for technical assistance services to support Public Assistance program managed by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) authorized under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. In support of FEMA's Public Assistance Technical Assistance (PA-TAC), NDRTAC organized this consulting group to respond in recovery efforts.

What We Do

At NDRTAC, we thrive to provide qualified and trained Public Assistance Staff to be deployed within 24-48 hours of notice. Our aim is to provide complete tools and resources at operational end and office end.



Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 125 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $5 billion of annual revenue and about 14,000 employees — including 6,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications® products, systems and services.

Revolutionizing Early Communications

Harris Corporation was founded in the 1890s by Alfred and Charles Harris. The brothers ran a jewelry store in Niles, Ohio, while they tinkered with a variety of new gadgets. Their first truly successful invention was an automatic sheet feeder that eliminated the laborious job of hand-feeding printing presses.

Ironically, the sheet feeder was too advanced for the printing presses of the day, so the brothers developed a new printing press that was better able to accommodate it. The press was revolutionary, delivering 10 times what a pressman could feed by hand. In fact, the press was so much faster than anything available that the brothers had to understate its capabilities in order to get potential customers to believe them.

On December 23, 1895, the Harris Automatic Press Company was incorporated. The company went on to produce many printing innovations during the early 1900s. By the middle of the century, it had grown into one of the world's largest and most successful manufacturers of printing equipment under a new name - Harris-Seybold.

Moving Into the Space Age

The company continued to grow and evolve, and in 1957, Harris-Seybold merged with Intertype Corporation, a world leader in typesetting equipment. Company leaders wanted to move beyond printed communications into the broader field of electronic communications. Thus began a series of moves that transitioned Harris-Intertype into the Space Age and added broadcasting and microwave communications capabilities.

The company's transformation to a pure electronics business began in 1967, when it acquired Radiation Inc., a manufacturer of space and military technology located in Melbourne, Florida, just south of Cape Canaveral.

Radiation was a premier developer of miniaturized electronic tracking and pulse code technologies for America's fledgling space program. Its products were used on the nation's first communication and weather satellites, by the military for various missile systems, and were instrumental in the first manned space flights and the Apollo missions to the Moon.

In 1974, the company name was changed to Harris Corporation, and its headquarters moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to Melbourne. In the 20 years that followed, Harris sold its printing business and significantly expanded its electronic product offerings and market reach. By the time of its centennial celebration in 1995, Harris had emerged as a global company serving a broad base of communications and information technology markets.

Transforming Critical Communications and Information Technology Today

During its 117-year history, Harris has transformed communications and information technology - from the early printing press, to the Space Age, and to today's fast-paced digital age. Since its beginnings, it has focused on providing innovative, reliable solutions that deliver critical information at the right place, at the right time, and on the right device.

Today, Harris is one of the only companies focused exclusively on developing the most trusted voice, data and video networks - networks that touch millions of lives every day. Harris solutions are taking network reliability and security to an entirely new level and are solving the toughest technology challenges faced by businesses and governments around the world.

Every day, the company's employees serve customers around the world, in markets where trusted network solutions are critical to success - defense, national intelligence, civilian and international government, public safety and public service, energy, and maritime, broadcast and new media, healthcare, and enterprise.

Wherever critical decisions depend on assured communications®, Harris is there. Trusted when it matters most.

Tetra Tech

Tetra Tech

Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical services worldwide. We are a diverse company, including individuals with expertise in science, research, engineering, construction, and information technology. Our strength is in collectively providing integrated services—delivering the best solutions to meet our clients' needs.
Tetra Tech’s innovative, sustainable solutions help our clients address their water, environment, energy, infrastructure, and resource management challenges. We are proud to be home to leading technical experts in every sector and to use that expertise throughout the project life cycle. Our commitment to safety is ingrained in our culture and at the forefront of every project.
Our Mission
To be the premier worldwide consulting, engineering, and construction firm.
Our Core Principles
Our core principles form the underpinning of how we work together to serve our clients.

  • Service: Tetra Tech puts its clients first. We listen better to understand our clients' needs and deliver smart, cost-effective solutions that meet those needs.
  • Value: Tetra Tech takes on our clients' problems as if they were our own. We develop and implement real-world solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and practical.
  • Excellence: Tetra Tech brings superior technical capability, disciplined project management, and excellence in safety and quality to all of our work.
  • Opportunity: Our people are our number one asset. Our workforce is diverse and includes leading experts in our fields. Our entrepreneurial nature and commitment to success provide challenges and opportunities for all of our associates.

Our Purpose
Tetra Tech will enhance the quality of life while creating value for customers, associates, investors, and ecosystem partners.
Our Business Groups

  • Water, Environment & Infrastructure (WEI) provides consulting and engineering services worldwide for a broad range of water- and infrastructure-related needs in both developed and emerging economies. Services include water management, environmental restoration, government consulting, and a broad range of civil infrastructure requirements for facilities, transportation, and regional and local development.
  • Resource Management & Energy (RME) provides consulting and engineering services worldwide for a broad range of resource management and energy needs including oil and gas, energy, mining, remediation, utilities, waste management, and international development.
  • Remediation & Construction Management (RCM) provides program management and construction services, including design-build and design-bid-build services, for environmental remediation, infrastructure, heavy civil, military transformation, ports and harbors, energy, solid waste, and communications projects.

Gregory T. Brunelle, MS, MA | Vice President
Emergency Management & Community Resilience
518-944-5920 mobile Tetra Tech | Complex World, Clear Solutions
80 State Street, 2nd Floor | Albany, New York 12226 |