New York State Emergency Management Association


NYSEMA has eight standing committees: Public Relations, Training and Education, Legislative, Audit, Mitigation Planning, Hazardous Materials, Technology, and Planning.  The Executive Board establishes areas of responsibility for each committee.

The Association also has Ad-Hoc Committees as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.  The chairperson and members of each Ad-Hoc Committee are appointed by the NYSEMA President.

Reports of committee are made at the annual NYSEMA conference. Issues of high importance that arise throughout the year which are relevant to the committee’s responsibilities are reported to President and disseminated to membership.


Committee Structure

  • Each district assigns one representative to serve on each of the Standing Committees.
  • Each Committee will have a Chair to be chosen from among and chosen by the Committee members.


Committee Responsibilities

Public Relations

  • Pursue opportunities to promulgate the mission, goals, and activities of NYSEMA including, but not limited to, promoting NYSEMA conferences, contacting media, articles of areas of interest and within the counties to be added to the website.


  • Research and advise the Association of emerging technologies that may impact the delivery of emergency management services.

Mitigation Planning

  • Provide assistance and guidance to Association with regard to emerging mitigation planning requirements.
  • Solicit and share examples of mitigation best practices.


  • Identify and summarize legislation pertinent to emergency management.
  • Provide guidance regarding procedures and best practices to educate and network with elected officials and affiliated agencies regarding issues that impact emergency management.


  • Review and examine Association financial accounts.
  • Make recommendations and changes as needed.

Training and Education

  • Research and advise of available training, educational programs and materials, and consultants and trainers applicable to emergency management goals, mandates, and professional development.
  • Participate in the development of the NYSEMA Conference Agenda.

Hazardous Materials

  • Keep membership apprised of emerging regulations and legislation involving hazardous materials and their impact on information management, training, and planning.


  • Collect and promulgate examples of planning efforts applicable to emergency management goals and mandates.
  • Prepare, advise of, and keep Association apprised of information on future planning mandates.